Wine tasting

ln our family winery you can have some of the four optional tastings. Every tasting includes small snack: mature cheese, sundried tomatoes, toast and also tasting of our Marlais eco olive oil. The tastings include different wines, which you have below. So if you want to have great experience, book one of the options, came to taste domestic products and visit our family winey in village of Ponikve near Ston!


Wine tasting Gold

3 wines: Rišpet, Škrapa 2017, Škrapa 2013 + Škrapa 2012 (optional)
Duration: 50 min

Price: 30/ 40(optional)


Wine tasting Škrapa

3 red wines (Škrapa 2012, 2013, 2015)
Duration: 50 min

Price: 30


Wine tasting Silver

3 wines (Dišpet, Rose, Škrapa 2016)
Duration: 35 min

Price: 20


Wine tasting Bronze

3 wines (Dišpet, Atento, Artist)
Duration: 35 min

Price: 16

Book a wine tasting

Please fill out the booking form for wine tasting. Your place is reserved only after confirmation, which you will receive by e-mail.

Wines that you can taste in our winery

The tasting area covers 120 square meters and can accommodate more than 50 people. Our guests are welcome to try our wines and local products such as liqueurs, candied almonds and our organic olive oil in our tasting room. Our visitors can also visit the basement where we store our wine and keep the oak barrels. It is also possible to visit the vineyards by appointment and to see our four to sixty-year-old vines personally.



09 am - 08 pm


09 am - 07 pm

Please call us at least one day ahead to announce your visit.

For wine orders in US please visit


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