ŠKRAPA – top quality wine of the Plavac mali variety

Alcohols between 14% and 16%. Bottle size: 0.75 L.
*The minimum quantity for delivery is 6 bottles.

One bottle price:
2017 – 19€ | 2016 – 21€ | 2015 – 23€ | 2013 – 81€ | 2012 – 101€

The premium dry wine Škrapa of the Plavac mali variety is the pride of the Marlais family for a reason. Only selected grape berries from vines between 30 and 65 years old from our family vineyards have the honor of one day becoming Škrapa wine. There are only one kilogram of such berries and they go through a long process of maceration, fermentation and aging. Only after 4 years of aging in oak barrels and an additional 2 years of aging in the bottle, our top wine is ready to reach your table in its full form.

The premium dry wine Škrapa is anything but an ordinary wine. It is a divine nectar created from the centuries-old tradition of making wine from grapes of the Plavac mali variety harvested from the southern side of the steep slopes of the Pelješac peninsula. Microclimate, microrelief and hard work created a wine that our ancestors called "the blood of the earth", due to its resistance to drought and ruby red color.

Ripened in the silence of oak barrique barrels (225 liters) from Croatia and France, strong dark ruby color, Škrapa wine has a full and rounded taste, perfectly balanced astringency and sweetness, and a clean aroma. You can feel the accentuated fruit and herbal aroma that gives this wine complexity, harmony and a nice roundness.

Our recommendation is to open the wine bottle at least 2 hours before tasting.


  • strong dark ruby color
  • clean smell
  • herbal, complex, fruity; plum, jammy
  • live tannins
  • beautifully balanced
  • high alcohol but nicely rounded

Gastronomy recommendation:

  • tuna steak
  • grill
  • hard cheeses
  • wild animals



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