DIŠPET | dry white wine

Alcohols between 12,5% and 13,5%. Bottle size: 0.75 L.
*The minimum quantity for delivery is 6 bottles.

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Peljesac wine is inseparable from Pelješac people. On the harsh karst land on the slopes of Peljesac, the hardworking hands of the Marlais family inherit the family's passion for winemaking, which they brought with them from France back in the 17th century. Nurturing the autochthonous Dalmatian varieties Rukatac, Pošip and Dubrovnik Malvasija, and through painstaking work, they created the luxurious dry white wine Dišpet.

Dispet is a combination of the best that our autochthonous Peljesac varieties can give - a wine of light golden color with an expressive aroma intertwined with a touch of ripe and dried apples, citrus and dried pineapple. The taste is dry, moderately fresh with notes of fruitiness and acidity that come together in a common dance.

After fermentation, Dišpet wine is aged in stainless steel barrels to maintain airiness and freshness, which makes it your best friend in the summer heat, with good food. An ideal wine for shellfish and top quality white fish.


  • tasty, fine, complex
  • full and long-lasting taste, elegant body
  • fruity, meadow-like, honey on the nose
  • wine with food

Gastronomy recommendation:

  • grilled white fish
  • roast turkey
  • oysters (shells)



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