ARTIST | Plavac mali semi-dry wine

Alcohols between 15% and 17%. Bottle size: 0,75 L.
*The minimum quantity for delivery is 6 bottles.

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By selecting the sweetest berries of the Plavac mali variety from 65-year-old vines in the best positions of our vineyards, the process of creating our top semi-dry Artist wine begins. We pick the juicy grape berries by hand and late, when they are the sweetest, and after an extremely short maceration of only 5 to 6 days, we let them ferment in stainless steel barrels and then age for 24 months in oak barrique barrels.

Through a process of two-year maturation in small oak barrels, the Artist wine has rounded out and acquired a refined aroma, with an abundance of aromatic Mediterranean herbs, then with a slight aroma of ripe berries, then nuances of nuts, and then with some chocolate in the background. It is concentrated and full-flavored, with a firm tannin backbone and serious potential for keeping.

This superb semi-dry wine is the best accompaniment to dark chocolate, with at least 75% cocoa content, and creamy cakes with hazelnuts and almonds. In addition to desserts, it goes well with an appetizer of blue cheese and ricotta cheese with honey.


  • initial sweetness with a dry finish in the mouth
  • aromatic
  • herbal
  • aromas of ripe berries and nuts and chocolate

Gastronomy recommendation:

  • more complex hazelnut, almond and cream cakes
  • dark chocolate with at least 75% cocoa
  • blue cheese and riccota cheese with honey



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