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At the very mention of Pelješac wines, the first synonym for most lovers of the divine nectar is Plavac mali. This powerful grape variety with dark blue, sweet, firm berries produced the first red wine in Croatia with geographical origin protection back in 1961.

Premium Pelješac Wine Marlais

For seven generations, our family has been part of the tradition of growing this autochthonous Dalmatian variety and creating authentic top quality wines Škrapa, Atento, Rose Michelle and Artist in the unique microclimate of the steep slopes of Ponikave. Through careful selection of grapes, and a unique process of maceration and fermentation, we have created three beautifully balanced red wines and one rose wine for different tastes and occasions. Moreover, our family vineyards are also home to other autochthonous Dalmatian varieties, such as Rukatac, Pošip and Dubrovnik malvasija. Lovers of white wines will enjoy our Dišpet and Rišpet wines, created by blending these rich local varieties.

Peljesac Winery Marlais Tasting Room

Whether you are looking for a full and powerful wine, or something fruity and lighter, contact us and we will be happy to help you choose. We know each wine from the berry it was made from, and if you tell us your wishes, we will offer you a wine that is ideal for your taste and advise you on storing and aging the wine, as well as pairing it with a superb meal.

ROSE MICHELLE dry Rose wine from Plavac mali

This superb wine made from the autochthonous Dalmatian variety Plavac mali, has a softness that is quite the opposite of the rough terrain on which our vines grew. That’s why our Rose Michelle is a unique combination of two extremes, the characteristic powerful grape variety from which it is made and the soft rich taste of exceptional freshness, perfect for long sultry summer days and nights

Bottle: 0,75 l. Alcohols: 12,5% – 13,5%.

From 16,00  (120,55 kn)

RIŠPET – dry white wine

The blending of the Dalmatian varieties Rukatac, Pošip and Dubrovnik Malvasija with a one-year maturation in barrique barrels and long aging on fine lees with constant stirring, gives the superb dry white wine Rišpet. This old gold colored wine has a full body and ripe stone fruit aromas, making it an excellent companion to seafood risotto and creamy cheeses.

Bottle: 0,75 l. Alcohols: 13% – 14%.

From 31,00  (233,57 kn)

DIŠPET – dry white wine

Fans of dry white wine with a full, long-lasting flavor and an elegant body will be delighted by Dišpet, a premium wine of the Marlais family created by blending local Dalmatian varieties: Rukatac, Pošip and Dubrovnik Malvasija. In order to maintain airiness and freshness, Dišpet wine is aged in stainless steel barrels. This harmonious wine, rich in freshness and delicious fruit aromas, loves white fish and oysters the most.

Bottle: 0,75 l. Alcohols: 14% – 16%.

From 16,00  (120,55 kn)

ŠKRAPA – dry red wine

Superb dry wine Škrapa from the Plavac mali variety, aged in oak barrels for 48 months (4 years), will satisfy the biggest fans of this autochthonous Dalmatian variety with its lively tannins and full body of robust quality. Škrapa wine is produced by fermentation of selected grapes from vines between 30 and 65 years old, on which only one kilogram of yield or less is left.

Bottle: 0,75 l. Alcohols: 14% – 16%.

From 19,00  (143,16 kn)

ARTIST – semi-dry red wine

From hand-selected grapes from the best vines of Plavac mali, 65 years old, comes our premium red semi-dry wine Artist. Juicy berries full of sugar are harvested late, and after a short maceration, they are fermented and aged for 24 months in oak barrique barrels. This gives this wine a full taste of ripe plums and dried berries, which makes it the best accompaniment to dark chocolate and creamy cakes with hazelnuts and almonds.

Bottle: 0,75 l. Alcohols: 15% – 17%.

From 16,00  (120,55 kn)

ATENTO – red wine

Lush vines of young Plavec between 15 and 30 years old, grown on the poor terrain with more than 2,800 hours of sunshine a year, produced our top wine Atento. After hand-harvesting and selecting only the best grapes, this wine was aged in oak barrels for 24 months and then in bottles for 24 months, which gives it a fruity and elegant bouquet with a medium body and soft tannins. This wine loves semi-hard cheeses, prosciutto and red meat dishes.

Bottle: 0,75 l. Alcohols: 13% – 15%.

From 16,00  (120,55 kn)



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